Living Stone Sculpture

photo by Helena g Anderson

Stone Sculpture Tuition

Anyone can learn to carve beautiful stone sculpture!

I provide friendly, structured, and individually tailored evening classes and short courses for small groups. Classes and courses are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced sculptors. Group size is limited to three people (or four by special arrangement) in order to maximise the amount of personal and practical tuition. There is no need for an Art background or any prior experience.

We will carve Polyphant Soapstone from Cornwall. This is a relatively soft stone with beautiful colours which polishes to a lovely finish. You can choose your own stone (I will have a small selection available) and pick your own subject. I will guide you through the whole creative process, from design to finished sculpture.

The courses and classes cover:

- introduction to workshop practice and safety
- choosing a stone and a subject
- the practical and effective use of a range of stone carving tools
- working on your own sculpture, with support and guidance as needed
- advice on where to buy your own tools and stone, for those who want to continue carving independently.


I run 'Sculpture in the Round' stone carving classes at my own Studio in Over, Cambridgeshire, each school term on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings. A course consists of eight 2 hour sessions run weekly, usually with a break for the Half Term holiday.

Contact me to discuss dates.

Cost is £140,- for the eight sessions and includes use of all necessary tools, and a drink / snack. There will be an additional charge to cover the cost of the stone of your choice, and you will need to bring a pair of safety glasses.

I can also do daytime classes by arrangement.

Class Application Form

Short Courses

I sometimes run courses at Swavesey Village College. Please check their website for details.

The practical stuff ...

Stone carving means working in a dusty environment with sharp tools and flying stonechips. Please wear sturdy footwear, practical clothes and bring your own safety glasses. These are mandatory personal protective equipment. If you would like to wear gloves and a dust mask (both are recommended) then bring them too. I can provide advice if you are not sure what is required.

And if you have already have an idea about what you would like to carve, then bring it along or discuss it with me in advance!

If you have any questions about the classes or courses please get in touch.


My studio is just north of Cambridge, conveniently close to the A14, at the orange marker on the map. For Satnav use postcode CB24 5PW.

Some photos from past courses

Making of Roly Poly